How to Start Recruiting with Diversity and Inclusion as a Priority 

Diversity and inclusion in recruitment needs to be intentional. In every stage of the recruitment process, from job descriptions to interviews and inductions, companies need to consider diversity and inclusion. 

At Equally placed, we provide a nonbiased recruitment platform. We are here to help you offer a positive recruitment process through fairness and equality for all. Here’s what you can do to prioritise diversity and inclusion when you’re looking for your next team member:

Ask the Audience 

So many D & I policies are put together by HR teams or managers without any consultation or discussion with those who are directly impacted. When developing your recruitment processes, consult those who identify as being part of minority groups. There is no one better to explain how recruitment could be improved than those who are experiencing the shortcomings first hand. 

Research shows that Women’s progression in the workplace continues to be held back by barriers such as bias around pay and promotion. We continue to hear similar stories from minority groups too. By involving more people in the development, you will ensure the input to the recruitment is diverse. This creates a recruitment process that is fair, sustainable, and valuable. 

Review where you are right now 

To save time, current policies are simply tweaked or quickly edited when they are due for review. No matter how many people you employ, your recruitment policies and procedures should be thoroughly reviewed regularly. By understanding where you stand, you can make positive steps to improve and create a recruitment process that’s great from start to finish. Be transparent and honest when you are analysing your current position and gather information by:

  • Sending an anonymous survey
  • Taking suggestions from current employees 
  • Collecting data on internal diversity 

The interview 

It’s important to consider all aspects of the interview, not just the meeting itself. Have you thought about all aspects that could affect a minority group in any way? Is the interview room accessible to all? Can you accommodate reasonable adjustments? How will the questions be scored? Even simple things can make a huge difference to a potential candidate.

  • Who will be on the panel (make it diverse too)
  • The impact of unconscious bias
  • Are the questions relevant to the job?

The Disability Confident scheme 

The Disability Confident scheme supports employers to make the most of the talents disabled people can bring to the workplace. Over 20,000 organisations have already signed up for the scheme that aims to change attitudes for the better. Of the estimated 14 million disabled people in the UK, just over 4 million are actually employed according to the latest Labour Force Survey.

The Disability Confident scheme provides information and resources to change attitudes and cultures within a business and showcases the benefits of an inclusive recruitment process. 

  • Candidates can identify employers who are committed to supporting disabled applicants 
  • Show  current employees that you treat everyone fairly
  • Attract a wide range of talent

If you would like support with your recruitment process, Equally Placed are here to help. Simply, get in touch to speak to a member of the team.