How To Make Job Descriptions More Inclusive

As a hiring manager, do you prioritize your job descriptions as part of your hiring strategy? Or do you keep recycling and editing old ones?

It may not seem like a high-priority task, but having accurate job descriptions could be one of the simplest ways to keep attracting diverse and relevant talent. In this blog, we’re sharing things to consider and changes to make when rewriting your job descriptions.

Involve the Team in the Hiring Process

One way to make your job adverts more inclusive is by involving the team in the hiring process. In most cases, an advertisement will be written and approved by HR or upper management before it goes out into the world for people to see. By giving others a chance to review them, you can avoid excluding candidates who you may have overlooked unintentionally. 

In a diverse team, people are more likely to be able to find someone with similar skills and interests. In addition, giving everyone on the team an opportunity at reviewing these will help you avoid any exclusionary language that might slip through the cracks.

Develop your Inclusive Company Culture 

If you want to make your hiring process more inclusive, the culture of your company must be too. Inclusive companies make everyone feel welcome and appreciate their contributions. In these types of environments, people feel comfortable being themselves without fear of discrimination or judgment because they can bring all aspects of who they are into work with them every day.

In an inclusive workplace, there should not be a “culture fit” but instead a common bond among team members. To create this type of environment in your office space, start at the top. Leaders need to show employees how diversity makes us stronger as one cohesive unit. The term “inclusion from above” is common when developing an inclusive culture. 

Be aware of what you’re putting out there 

You can show off your inclusive company culture to potential employees by including pictures of diverse team members in marketing materials. It’s important to include images and language that does not exclude people from any race, LGBTQ+ status, gender, or any protected characteristics.  

When these images and words are present, you are showcasing your commitment to diversity. Social media has made it easier than ever for people to see what other people in a company are like, this is especially important. When you include images of diverse team members on your website and/or marketing materials, it sends the message that everyone at your company is valued.

Need more Support? 

By involving your team in the hiring process and developing an inclusive culture for all future employees starting from day one, you can begin to create inclusive job adverts and Recruitment Processes. Take advantage of any chance to show off this culture – be it on social media or in-person. This will help potential new hires see what they could become a part of when joining your company! 

Get in touch with our team if you need any further support with your next job description. 


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