Diversity in Recruitment – Jo Major

Diversity in a recruiter’s skill-set isn’t commonly trained. But Jo Major is on a mission to change this.

With over two decades of experience in recruitment, Jo has helped businesses, schools, charities, and enterprises develop strategic CSR, Social Mobility & D&I programs. 

Using her expertise, Jo has just launched Diversity in Recruitment, a platform that will help make recruitment businesses better places to work and partner with. 

Through advice and training, Diversity in Recruitment will give recruiters the insight, tools, and confidence to attract diverse talent, recruit inclusively, secure better business and confidently partner with their clients.

Jo’s passion for the industry and diversity is second to none, with equality being a core value of the organisation.  The work of Diversity in Recruitment isn’t performative, tokenistic or to help companies look good. Jo Major founded the business “to partner with companies who are inspired to make changes for the right reasons. We don’t do fancy make-overs to help you win a pitch, sorry, not sorry.” 

To find out more, you can visit the Diversity in Recruitment website, or connect with Jo Major on LinkedIn.