Equally Placed has been created to instigate a fairer advertising, sourcing and selection process for all Organisations, Businesses and individuals across the UK.

Equally Placed is the only Blind Recruitment providing job board in the UK.


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Our Values

As a job seeker, do you ever feel like you don’t get anywhere in applying for jobs because on the surface Your CV just doesn’t ‘fit’?  

As a recruiter do you ever feel that there is too much pressure to recruit x,y or z?  Meaning you have to dismiss certain applications without delving deeper or gaining a little more knowledge to better inform your decision?

None of that seems fair does it?

At Equally Placed we believe in fairness and freedom of choice.  This is why we provide a non-biased recruitment platform for both sides of the process.  As the job seeker, we find your perfect organisational fit and as the recruiter, we provide freedom and opportunity to bring more transparency into your hiring process.

Our Aim

To eradicate unconscious bias and champion fairness within the hiring process, just as it should be entrenched in our existence, as a familiar everyday part of life. 

Our Focus

Fairness, Equality for all, Positive Recruitment experiences, embed Diversity within client workforces, to lead a more inclusive way of working and improve recruitment processes.

Our Values

Making our Space a Place Where We All Belong

  • Be Passionate….about yourself and others;  Fairness, Equality and Diversity is key. Every day and in everything that we do.
  • Leave your bias at the door, or don’t come in (join our team) – we lead with an open-mind.
  • Everyone deserves a chance…be aware, be kind and be there to help.
  • No idea is a bad idea, be bold, be creative

Equal opportunities to be connected to the right employers

We have identified some unmatchable core values which forms the basis of our relationship with our partners in achieving our objective as indicated above.
Some of the core values of our partners are stated below:
  • Disability (Mental and / or Physical)
  • Social Mobility
  • Age Friendly
  • Religious and Spiritual Beliefs
  • Parenting (Family friendly / lone / co-parenting)
  • LGBTQ+
  • Mental Health
  • Early Careers
  • Carers

  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Home Working/Flexible Working
  • Invisible Disabilities (Dyslexia/Dyspraxia)
  • Charity/Volunteering
  • Mature Workers 50+
  • Ex Armed Forces
  • Gender Equality Initiatives
  • Reformed criminals
  • Work from home jobs